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Extreme Duty Drilling Valves and Seats undergo field trials in ultra-high temperatures

GD Energy Products (GDEP) has completed field trials for its new Extreme Duty Drilling Valves and Seats in ultra-high temperature drilling pump applications.

Designed for optimal flow efficiency and maximum sealing, the valves and seats feature a high-endurance urethane, field-proven to perform in temperatures up to 350°F. They are rated for pressures up to 7500 psi and are compatible with both oil- and water-based drilling muds. They offer a longer running life in which enhanced safety is delivered through decreasing the rate of change-outs, as well as cost-saving benefits.

While operating under the most difficult conditions, the valves have shown an increased performance life of 40% over GDEP’s Heavy Duty Drilling Valves and Seats. During a one-month trial in the Delaware Basin, the Extreme Duty Valves and Seats had a running time of more than 1,000 hours, providing a reduction in maintenance levels, as well as lower inventory and consumption rates. In the Eagle Ford Shale under the harshest environment of temperatures and mud properties, the valves and seats achieved 800 hours running life.

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