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Wellpro Group announces expansion into Saudi Arabia

Global well intervention company Wellpro Group has enhanced its international expansion by announcing its entry into the Saudi Arabian oil and gas market.

The thru tubing, inflatable packer and well intervention service portfolio provider has signed a long-term agreement with Saudi Arabian energy services company i-Energy as part of a full country start up business plan and large-scale commitment. This will involve complete operational asset and field support – including Wellpro Group’s industry downhole tools and service. The expansion will lead to the initial creation of up to 10 jobs in Saudi Arabia.

“The Saudi Arabian oil and gas market remains one of the biggest in the world and it has been a long-term ambition for Wellpro Group to enter it,” Mark Fraser, Wellpro Group’s Middle East Region Manager, said. “Our agreement with i-Energy provides the ideal platform for us to showcase the benefits we can bring to the Saudi Arabian thru tubing, inflatable and intervention market by supplying safe, cost-effective solutions and services coupled with innovative cutting edge technology.”

The expansion into Saudi Arabia marks the latest milestone in Wellpro Group’s international growth plans. The company has been fully operational in the Middle East for almost two years, with a regional workshop in Dubai, and is growing its presence in the Asian market.

Earlier this year, Wellpro Group announced a collaborative agreement with Inflatable Packers International to enhance its existing portfolio of products and services initially in the Middle East with full exclusivity in Saudi Arabia.

“Having already established a strong foothold in the Middle East, expansion into Saudi Arabia was a logical next step for us,” Jim Thomson, Wellpro Group CEO, said. “We’ve identified significant opportunities in the Kingdom for our quality products, and believe our vastly experienced personnel will be able to save our clients valuable time and money in solving their most complex thru tubing, inflatable and intervention challenges.”

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