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Saipem invests in staff competency with new simulator technology

Following a significant seven-figure investment, Saipem has expanded its Saudi Arabian training facility in Dammam to install state-of-the-art simulator technology to boost skills and competency across its teams.

The new DS:5000 drilling simulator, developed by Drilling Systems, sets the global standard in advanced drilling and well control simulation. With both conventional rig floor and cyber chair functionality, it features the 3D graphics and modeling software to create a realistic representation of rig floor operations, which results in a highly immersive learning environment.

The simulator technology can be programmed with well-specific conditions and various scenarios allowing Saipem’s personnel to simulate and practice advanced drilling operations such as well control, stuck pipe, jarring and managed pressure drilling in a safe and controlled environment.

As well as training for all drilling operations, tripping practices and well control, the simulator will be heavily utilized in the delivery of IADC and IWCF accredited well control courses.

The new simulator will form the foundation of training for all drilling personnel and will be used to train and assess assistant drillers, drillers, tour pushers, tool pushers and supervisory and management staff.

“The installation of our new state-of-the-art drilling simulator suite represents a significant commitment by the Saipem management to the skills and competency advancement of our teams,” said Stefano Marcoaldi, CEO of Saudi Arabian Saipem. “This simulator will provide realistic learning environments that emulate drilling operations, well control and well intervention in real time. Personnel will have the opportunity to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations in a safe environment, which ultimately enables us to ensure operational excellence in the field.”

“We are delighted to work with Saudi Arabia Saipem on the provision and installation of our leading-edge simulation technology at its Dammam site,” said Clive Battisby, Head of Simulation at 3t Energy Group, which includes Drilling Systems. “The newly extended training facility, which incorporates this new simulator technology, will help to put Saudi Arabian Saipem personnel at the forefront of global drilling and competency standards and cement their reputation for technical excellence.”

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