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Wellesley announces Gnomoria Appraisal well results

Wellesley Petroleum has proven oil and gas in the Gnomoria Appraisal (35/10-12 S) well in the North Sea, about 100 km southwest of Florø.

This is the first appraisal well to be drilled in production license 1184 S, which was awarded in APA 2022. The well was drilled by the COSLPromoter exploration rig. Preliminary estimations of the size of the discovery range between 0.8 to 4 million standard cubic m of recoverable oil equivalent (Sm3 o.e.).

“We are pleased with the Gnomoria result, which adds valuable resources to the ongoing area development plans in the Fram-Toll area,” said Wellesley CEO Chris Elliott. “As with Grosbeak, new subsurface ideas have enabled us to rescue stranded resources classed as ‘unlikely to be developed.'”

The objective of the well was to prove petroleum in Upper Jurassic sandstones in the Heather Formation.

Well 35/10-12 S was drilled to a vertical depth of 3346 m below sea level (3805 m measured depth below sea level), and was terminated in the Heather Formation in the Upper Jurassic. The well was drilled upflank where reservoir quality was considered to be better for delineation of the Gnomoria discovery from 2018.

Well 35/10-12 S encountered an 11-m gas column and an 18-m oil column in the Heather Formation, in a sandstone layer totaling 21 m with poor to moderate reservoir quality. The gas/oil contact was encountered 3239 m below sea level. The oil/water contact was not encountered.

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