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WCS teams up with ARI on simulator training for well control

Well Control School (WCS) announced a long-term partnership with Applied Research International (ARI) to evolve well control education through immersive virtual simulation training. ARI’s simulation solutions are used around the world by the energy, marine, construction, mining and defense industries.

The partnership with ARI ushers in a hybrid training model that bridges the theoretical with the practical. Their custom-built well control simulators offer an easy-to-use interface that allows students to spend more time on their training and less time learning the software. They offer multiple configurations that can be adapted to different parts of the training process, and can be used both in standard classroom applications and on a rig site. The backbone of the drilling simulator is a high-fidelity mathematical model that simulates real-world scenarios.

“We are changing how simulation providers and training providers can bring immersive content to the students,” WCS’ Ryan Hays said. “Together, we are building something that will be seen as a turning point in the way well control training will be done. We are elevating the training experience and exceeding the students’ expectations by making it more interactive, more realistic, and all-encompassing.”

WCS will offer a range of approved well control courses through a combination of physical, portable and cloud-based simulators developed by ARI.

ARI simulators can be custom designed to mirror the actual wells in a region – whether in North America, the Middle East, Africa, or anywhere else around the world. During training, each student is provided their own simulator so there is no downtime in the learning process. In this new teaching environment, students “feel” as if they are on the rig and are provided the full spectrum of well control issues with the visuals and tools required to control and mediate those issues.

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