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Ukrnafta prepares for construction of two wells

Ukrnafta has started work on the construction of two oil wells that will produce more than 100 tons of oil per day. Both wells are being constructed on a turnkey basis by Energofinans LLC, a contractor selected through Prozorro. The wells will tap into productive layers of Visean deposits.

“The first well is planned as an exploratory, directional well with a design depth of 4,490 m and a forecasted flow rate of 56.6 tons per day,” Serhii Koretskyi, CEO at Ukrnafta, said. “The second well, a vertical production well, also has a design depth of 4,490 m and a forecasted initial flow rate of 47 tons per day.”

Drilling is set to start in August, with drilling equipment currently being transported and site preparations underway.

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