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SLB and Equinor drill most autonomous well section to date offshore Brazil

SLB announced a significant step toward fully autonomous drilling operations at Equinor’s Brazilian Peregrino C platform.

By combining SLB digital technologies for surface automation, autonomous on-bottom drilling and directional drilling, 99% of a 2.6-km section was able to be drilled in autonomous control mode. Over a five-well program, a 60% increase in the rate of penetration was achieved, resulting in faster well delivery while reducing cost and carbon emissions.

“This is an exciting milestone in the journey toward fully autonomous drilling operations,” said Jesus Lamas, President of Well Construction, SLB. “By leveraging AI and integrating advanced digital workflows, customers are realizing improved safety and performance through digital transformation, making drilling more consistent and efficient and improving the carbon footprint of their operations.”

Multidisciplinary experts collaborated to design and implement interconnected autonomous workflows, enabling the system to seamlessly drill the section. On the rig floor, manual pipe handling and equipment sequencing tasks were automated with SLB’s DrillPilot software. On-bottom drilling performance was maximized using its AI-driven technology in the DrillOps automation solution.

The Neuro autonomous solutions determined the optimum trajectory and delivered the well plan, adjusting steering sequences and drilling parameters to reach the target as designed by the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution.

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