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Seadrill awarded pair of new drillship contracts

Seadrill announced contracts for two of its drillships worth approximately $97.5 million, while also providing an update on a third, the West Auriga.

Talos Production has awarded the West Vela a contract with an estimated duration of 150 days in the US Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to commence in Q3 2024 and represents a total contract value of approximately $73.5 million, excluding managed pressure drilling (MPD) services.

The operator of the West Capella has exercised a one-well option with the existing third-party manager, extending its operations by approximately two months. This is in direct continuation of the rig’s current program and represents a total contract value of approximately $24 million.

Seadrill has been advised by the current manager of the West Auriga that the rig will be released in February 2024 due to changes in the client’s drilling sequence. This enables Seadrill to resume management of the rig in Q1 2024 and accelerate preparation for its previously announced contract in Brazil beginning in the second half of 2024.

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