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Reelwell announces successful demonstration of DualLink

Reelwell AS announced the successful full-scale demonstration of its DualLink powered and wired drillpipe.

The system demonstration concludes a Norwegian joint industry project (JIP) and commercializes the technology. The demonstration was performed during September at the NORCE Ullrigg testing rig. The drillstring, consisting of 96 joints/3058 ft of DualLink pipe, performed without failure for over 80 hours operating in hole, drilling granite down to 4213 ft. The test demonstrated:

  • High speed bi-directional telemetry greater than 61,000 bps;
  • Power transmission of up to 500 W from surface to the battery-less BHA downhole; and
  • 100% uptime reliability of telemetry and power transmission.

DualLink was used to power and communicate with downhole tools provided by a major service company, along with Reelwell’s along-string measurement and high speed MWD replacement tools.

JIP and customer participants witnessed the tests both in person and by remote live-streaming globally. The demonstration included pipe handling, racking, running in hole and realtime transmission of high-speed drilling mechanics, surveying and logging data via DualLink whilst drilling and tripping.

Industry studies estimate the use of wired pipe along with automation at the rig site will lead to 15% efficiency and environmental improvements and 20% increased production through the increased visibility of downhole conditions and reservoir characteristics.

“We are extremely pleased with the results from the DualLink demonstration,” Ian Silvester, CEO of Reelwell’s USA division, said. “The reliability, high-speed telemetry and power of DualLink finally connects downhole and surface, enabling the next generation of drilling tool development: improving drilling efficiency and well placement. It marks the beginning of the end for the 40-year-old legacy MWD mud-pulse technology currently in use and opens the door to enhanced drilling automation driven by continuous high-speed downhole measurements powered from surface.”

The DualLink production will continue by manufacturing full-length strings for both US Land and North Sea offshore applications for key clients who are preordering initial drillstrings.

“This is a major breakthrough in the digital drilling technology transformation” Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, Chairman of Reelwell AS, said. “The focus on a reliable solution for powered and wired pipe has been a significant challenge for the drilling industry, which our engineers now have solved. I congratulate them. We also would like to thank our partners in the DualLink demo. JIP: Equinor, Aker BP, DNO Norge, The Research Council of Norway, Nabors Industries, DP-Master, and Edge Energy for their valuable contribution.”

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