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Weir Oil & Gas launches SPM EDGEX valve and Carbide Seat

Weir Oil & Gas announced the launch of its new SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat. The EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat increases seat life an average of six times and doubles valve life compared to conventional valves and seats for cost savings and reductions of nonproductive time (NPT).

The SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat is a solution for operators focusing on their pump utilization and downtime for pump maintenance. Engineered with the nuances of the entire frac site in mind, the EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat enables operators to push their frac fleets harder while significantly reducing maintenance costs for valves and seats. The patented technology of the EdgeX Carbide Seat offers increased longevity, which enables operators to reduce the amount of time pulling seats while reducing expenses for a costly consumable.

The EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat offers greater resistance to wear, cracking and washout in the harshest pumping conditions – including those with large particles – without risk of shattering. It fits any standard taper fluid end and eliminates sensitivity to installation errors due to its design and placement of tungsten carbide and steel. The 30-degree strike angle maximizes interchangeability. The EdgeX Valve incorporates proprietary urethane heads, contributing to double the valve life and further reducing operating expenses, maintenance time and safety risks.

“Operators across North America are pushing their fleets to their maximum ratings,” Paul Coppinger, President, Weir Oil & Gas, said. “By looking beyond the pump and evaluating how to make the entire frac site more efficient, we engineered the SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat to reduce operators’ greatest pain points around seat and valve maintenance and the associated expenses for each.”

Oilfield services providers across North America have run the engineered seats between 515 and 760 hours, saving hours of on-site changeout time per bore. In the Permian Basin, Haynesville Shale and Western Canada, the EdgeX Carbide Seat outlasted previous seats by 719%, 797% and 540%, respectively.

With service and training centers in every US basin and every part of the globe, Weir Edge Services supports operators with a three-pronged approach that includes global access to local engineering experts, engineered repairs with highly skilled aftermarket support and industry-leading digital empowerment tools for Weir and other OEM equipment. Weir Edge Delivered provides convenient trailers for on-site access to parts, allowing SPM EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat components to be removed and reinstalled in the field.

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