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MCF Energy makes gas discovery onshore Austria

MCF Energy announced a potentially significant gas and condensate discovery at the Welchau-1 well in Austria. The well encountered 115 m of rich gas shows between 1,452 and 1,567 m with strong evidence of natural fracturing. A hydrocarbon seal was confirmed above the primary target, mitigating a major risk with the project.

The Welchau prospect, over 100 sq km, is near pipelines and offers numerous potential drilling sites. Initiatives for testing, detailed analysis and planning are currently under way.

The Welchau-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 1,733.1 m using an 8 ½-in. bit. A suite of wireline logging tools and an MDT formation test tool will be deployed for downhole pressure measurement, inflow testing and formation fluid sampling in the targeted zones. Following the logging phase, a 7-in. production casing will be installed and cemented to secure the wellbore for subsequent testing, stimulation, and potential production activities.

Above the primary target, drilling encountered a 380-m section of the Lunz Formation, which has effectively trapped gas and condensate. This formation served as an essential seal, with results from this well successfully mitigating initial concerns about its quality and thickness. The well reached its main target, the Steinalm Formation, at a depth of 1,452 m, aligning closely with the anticipated geological model.

The Welchau-1 well encountered rich gas shows over a 115-m interval from 1,452 to 1,567 m. Fluorescence indicating the presence of liquid hydrocarbons was observed from 1,507 to 1,563 m. The highest gas peaks were associated with fractures in the limestone, accompanied by a hydrocarbon odor in unwashed samples. The deepest gas shows were found at a depth of 1,645 m.

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