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EY poll shows disconnects between oil and gas industry, general public

Perceptions matter, and there continue to be major disconnects between how the oil and gas industry perceives itself and public perceptions. In a presentation at the 2017 IADC Annual General Meeting in Austin, Texas, on 9 November, Deborah Byers, US Oil and Gas Leader for EY, presented results from the company’s Oil and Gas Perception Poll, conducted early this year. A total of 1,204 Americans ages 16 and older were surveyed, along with 109 oil and gas executives. The findings illuminate the need to change public perception to secure the future of the industry. Watch the video to learn about the survey’s results.

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  1. As someone that comes from Oregon and see how little people know and understand about our industry I can see where we are going to be in trouble. This is made more critical by Federal Government, State Government and main stream media and their negative message to the general public on the energy industry. The governor of Oregon would not know the difference between a drill bit and a bit of chicken mcnuggets but she uses her office to constantly belittle the industry as a whole and new energy project in specific. We really need to get the message out to places like Oregon, Washington, and California. Most people in these states still believe that “up through the ground came a bubbling crude”. A gentleman I worked with that got out of the industry still maintains that oil is being produced for US00.02/Bbl. When I tried to explain that it wasn’t 1896 any longer he simply replied that “his friend” told him. Lack of information and wrong information is what is out there. Well done by the IADC to help get our message out.

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