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Drilling industry continues to push evolution of crew resource management

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Training for rig crews continues to evolve, with more programs now focusing on giving employees the non-technical skills needed to handle unexpected situations where split-second decisions and teamwork make all the difference. Crew resource management training can now be found in many of the industry’s training programs, and some are also beginning to integrate it with technical education and simulation-based training. To learn more about the evolution of crew resource management, watch DC’s video with Maersk Training Crew Resource Management Lead Instructor Evelyn Baldwin from the 2016 IADC Human Factors Conference in Galveston, Texas, on 5 October.

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  1. I could ‘t agree more – as an invited presenter at the 2015 IADC Human Factors Conference it is great to see the same being repeated this year. In our experience at Critical Team Performance in delivering Well Operations CRM training and coaching around the World we have seen a definite shift change in organisation’s approach to improving performance and ultimately safety. Keep up the good work.

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