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Constellation, HMH aim to improve BOP reliability with integrated support contract

Constellation and HMH announced the signing of an integrated maintenance support contract for the blowout preventers (BOPs) of the semisubmersible drilling platforms Alpha Star, Gold Star and Lone Star.

The contractual services agreement runs for five years with the option for an extension. The partnership model is a first in Brazil, and part of its remuneration is conditioned on performance.

“The contract will bring more reliability to one of the rig’s most critical equipment, more process safety for well control, increased uptime and operational efficiency as well as new business opportunities for the company”, said Constellation Chief Executive Rodrigo Ribeiro.

In this format, Constellation will focus on drilling operations and, together with HMH, share responsibility for maintaining the BOPs of the three drilling units. The agreement provides for parts supply, predictive and preventative maintenance, optimization of time-based maintenance using data from equipment, “between well” maintenance, continued certification and 24/7 engineering support from the HMH team onboard Constellation rigs.

“As part of the partnership with Constellation, we will implement a condition-based maintenance program, optimizing maintenance intervals and improving operational performance,” said Chuck Chauviere, President of HMH’s Pressure Control Systems division. “This comprehensive approach will ensure that BOPs are in a ‘ready to operate’ condition.”

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