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APA reduces methane emissions ahead of schedule

APA Corp announced the achievement of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) goal to convert more than 2,000 pneumatic devices to instrument air or through-valve retrofit in its US operations.

The goal was reached three months ahead of schedule and resulted in an estimated annualized methane reduction of 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, to 25,000 tonnes.

“Our commitment to ESG is not merely a promise; it’s reflected in our actions towards continuous improvement,” said John J Christmann IV, APA’s CEO and President.

The company’s field-focused teams adopted a bottom-up approach, starting with an updated inventory assessment and incorporating feedback from key vendors regarding successful solutions trialed within the industry. They collaborated to itrial different techniques before implementing them across the company’s US onshore operation. Depending on the situation, they either removed devices entirely, converted methane-driven devices to compressed air, or replaced methane-driven devices with non-vent devices.

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