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Wireless wellsite monitoring system could reduce NPT and tripping hazards

Current wellsite operations may create many types of real-time load and pressure monitoring data, but the transmission of that data from load cells is still primarily done by wireline – and transmission cables are not only a tripping hazard for personnel, but cable breakage is a common cause of NPT.

To address these ongoing challenges, Strainstall – a UK-based mechanical and industrial engineering firm – developed Wellsite Monitoring Solutions, a wire and cable less monitoring system. Jim Profit, Business Development Manager for Strainstall, introduced the system on 16 August at the IADC ART Spark Tank, a forum for technology developers to present their innovations to a panel of operators and drilling contractors.

Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman talks with Mr Profit about Wellsite Monitoring Solutions and how the system can be utilized.

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