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Self-destroying drill bits could reduce NPT and keep the drill string downhole

Drill bits are one of the most important parts of any rig’s operations, and no matter how well a bit works, it will eventually wear out. The cutters will become dull and less effective, and finally the bit will have to be replaced. Replacing a drill bit a costly, time-consuming operation on any rig today.

John Bloomfield, President and Founder of Bloomfield R&D, has envisioned a method that uses disposable, self-destroying cutters to keep the drill string downhole and reduce NPT. Mr Bloomfield presented his idea on 16 August at the IADC ART Spark Tank,  a forum for technology developers to present their innovations to a panel of operators and drilling contractors.

Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman talks with Mr Bloomfield about the technology and its potential impact in the industry.

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