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West Hercules to drill more exploration wells

Seadrill Norway has been awarded a contract for drilling two exploration wells for Equinor in the Barents Sea by use of the West Hercules rig. Drilling is scheduled to start in the spring of 2019.

The contract includes options for drilling nine additional wells. The rig is primarily assigned for exploration drilling. The contract is based on a master framework agreement established between Seadrill and Equinor.

Jakup Øregaard (left), head of international and exploration drilling in Equinor, Tommy Johnsen, vice president of Seadrill Europe, Kolbjørn Kanebog, rig manager West Hercules, and Dave Morrow, senior vice president of Seadrill Eastern Hemisphere. (Photo: Kjetil Eide)
Jakup Øregaard (from left), Head of International and Exploration Drilling in Equinor, Tommy Johnsen, Vice President of Seadrill Europe, Kolbjørn Kanebog, Rig Manager West Hercules, and Dave Morrow, Senior Vice President of Seadrill Eastern Hemisphere. (Photo: Kjetil Eide)

The rig owner is responsible for integrated drilling services, such as casing running, remote-operated vessel, slop treatment and cuttings handling.

“We have already prepared a drilling program for West Hercules, scheduled to start this autumn,” Geir Tungesvik, Equinor’s Senior Vice President for Drilling & Well Services, said. “We are now looking forward to continuing our cooperation with this rig. It can do regular exploration drilling, drilling in formations with high pressure and high temperature, it is winterized and can drill in deep waters. The rig is well suited for operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. By signing a framework agreement with Seadrill, we demonstrate that we want a long-term cooperation with this supplier.”

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