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Well integrity and well control specialist receives R&D funding for blowout analysis

The Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI) has awarded well integrity and well control specialist Add Energy funding to develop a method to standardize blowout event consequence analysis to support consistent risk measurement of unwanted well control events.

OESI awards funding for research projects that can improve safety and environmental sustainability of oil and gas operations. The organization received 41 project proposals for 12 distinct research pathways and chose to allocate funding to 10 projects, including Add Energy’s.

Add Energy has a track record of approximately 85 live well incidents evaluated and killed, and has delivered more than 1,800 blowout contingency studies.

Recently, Add Energy announced that its specialist teams in drilling, well engineering and well control are joining forces with multidisciplinary engineering and software provider, AGR, to further enhance its global presence and offering within wells.

Ray Tommy Oskarsen, Senior Vice President Well Control & Blowout Support at Add Energy, commented, “We are delighted to secure funding for our R&D project, which aims to standardize analyses of blowout event consequences. Standardization of such methodology will allow the industry to better prepare for, prevent and respond to well control events.”

OESI has allocated Add Energy funding of $354,160 to realize the methodology.

Organized under an agreement between the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, US Department of Energy and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, OESI is a consortium of industry, national labs, NGOs and academia created to support the development of critical safety and environmental improvements for all energy production activities, including wind energy, marine energy, and oil and gas.

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