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Data Gumbo partners with Texas Alliance of Energy Producers to deliver blockchain-powered smart contracts

Data Gumbo announced that it has partnered with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. The partnership will deploy GumboNet to members of the alliance to power smart contracts across energy production to support cost savings and efficiencies in commercial transactions.

“The alliance performs critical work in legislative and regulatory advocacy, and in developing programs that protect industry, unite fragmented voices and to enable independent producers to grow, prosper and thrive for its more than 2,600 members,” Andrew Bruce, CEO and Founder of Data Gumbo, said. “GumboNet ensures transactional certainty through automated smart contracts that will allow Texas Alliance of Energy Producers members to make real-time, informed production decisions based on actual field events driving improved performance and million-dollar savings opportunities.”

As a network of companies, customers, suppliers and vendors, GumboNet integrates specific transactional data with automated smart contracts powered by blockchain technology. GumboNet synchronizes data across counterparties for complete transparency that frees up working capital, reduces contract leakage, enables real-time cash and financial management, and delivers provenance.

Data Gumbo stores all data directly on its network with full auditable records resulting is an innovative and modern process that creates touchless transactions and eliminates waste in the process.

“Data Gumbo has cracked the code to cut costs and realize transactional certainty across commercial relationships,” Jason Modglin, President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, said. “Being able to offer their proven technology to our large network better positions independent energy producers to capture value, save money and mitigate risk through better, more informed decisions. As always, we look to add value to membership in the alliance, and GumboNet brings a strong product to the table and we are pleased to offer it to oil and gas producers in Texas.”

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