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Weatherford launches single-trip, V0-rated gravel-pack system

Weatherford announced the commercial release of the WFX0 gravel-pack system at the 2017 OTC in Houston. It is a fully integrated gravel-pack system with an API/ISO V0 rating, which validates that it has been tested to the industry’s highest standards with zero gas leakage. By leveraging several V0-rated Weatherford technologies, the system enables gravel-pack completion of multiple open-hole zones in a single trip.

The V0 rating makes the system well suited for deepwater applications. By incorporating a deep-set barrier run, the WFX0 system eliminates the need for an intermediate completion, which can save two to three days of rig time. Additionally, by using the TerraForm packer, the system achieves cased-hole functionality in an open-hole environment.

“This technology will offer our clients significant time and cost savings, as well as enhanced reliability, in deepwater operations,” said Mark Hopmann, Vice President of Completions at Weatherford. “We are excited to add the WFX0 system to our growing deepwater completions portfolio.”

The WFX0 gravel-pack system is available for the international open-hole gravel-pack market only and is not available for sale in the United States at this time.

Watch DC’s video from the 2017 OTC on 2 May with Reggie Boggs, Global Director, Sand Control, to learn more about the capabilities and performance of the WFX0 system.

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