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TAG Oil completes re-drilling phase onshore Egypt

TAG Oil has provided an update on its drilling progress of the BED4-T100 (T100) horizontal well in the Badr Oilfield (BED-1) in the Western Desert of Egypt.

Following its last update on 3 January, TAG has since completed re-drilling from the intermediate cased section of the T100 well in BED-1, landing the casing liner in the Abu Roash F (ARF) carbonate reservoir zone, and reaching a measured depth of 3,238 m in the ARF.

TAG Oil has now commenced drilling the T100 horizontal pay zone section, which is expected to take approximately three weeks to complete the drilling of the planned 1,000-m horizontal section and run the completion technology. The drilling rig will then be moved off the wellsite and TAG Oil will immediately proceed with the hydraulic fracture stimulation of the ARF.

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