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Stena Drilling upgrading seventh-generation drillship

Stena Drilling announced an equipment upgrade for its seventh-generation drillship, Stena Evolution. It will now be capable of drilling and completing wells requiring 20,000-psi pressure control, enabling drilling in previously inaccessible reservoirs.

The upgrade includes the installation of drilling equipment and technology aboard the drillship. Together with equipment suppliers NOV and Shell, Stena Drilling will start the installation of the 20,000 subsea blowout preventer and other key equipment in 2026. When the new equipment package is installed, the Stena Evolution will be able to perform completion operations in the Sparta field on behalf of Shell in the US Gulf of Mexico.

“We are very excited and proud to announce the 20K equipment upgrade for the Stena Evolution,” said Erik Rønsberg, CEO, Stena Drilling. “This investment reinforces our dedication to innovation within the offshore drilling sector and our commitment to delivering top-tier drilling services to our clients. It also reflects our full dedication and focus to the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.”

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