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PTTEP ramps up G1/61 gas production offshore Thailand

PTTEP is increasing the G1/61 project’s sales volume to 800 million cu ft per day (MMSCFD). The increased gas delivery will help minimize the impact of electricity prices and enhance national energy security.

PTTEP won the bid in the Gulf of Thailand from the Department of Mineral Fuels in 2018 and signed the production sharing contract in 2019. To date, 12 wellhead platforms and subsea pipelines have been installed, along with the drilling of more than 300 producing wells. The gas delivery was increased to 800 MMSCFD on 20 March 2024.

“Increasing natural gas delivery from the G1/61 Project has been PTTEP’s priority over the past two years,” said Montri Rawanchaikul, CEO of PTTEP. “As gas from the Gulf of Thailand is a primary source of energy serving both households and industries, PTTEP, therefore has accelerated all operations to ramp up the production.”

PTTEP will continue its plan by installing eight new wellhead platforms and drilling more than 300 producing wells for G1/61.

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