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PetroQuip deploys BigFoot toe sleeve in Anadarko Basin

The BigFoot design could help drilling operations become more efficient.
The BigFoot design could help drilling operations become more efficient.

PetroQuip Energy Services has implemented its toe sleeve, BigFoot, in a recent horizontal completion for an independent operator.

Eight days after the toe sleeve was installed and cemented in the Anadarko Basin, the operator rigged up to test the casing with a test pressure of 9,500 psi, and then bled down to 0 psi. The first casing test was successful, so the operator chose to cycle through the remaining casing test chambers by pressuring up to 8,500 psi then bleeding to 0 psi. The sleeve was opened during the final cycle at 4,600 psi. The operator pumped into the formation with an injection rate of 11.5 bpm at 7,200 psi with a total of 150 bbl injected before shutting down.

The BigFoot design enables operators to run multiple tests at any maximum or desired pressure for as long as necessary according to PetroQuip. The toe sleeve can be opened at any time. These features can be coupled with the option of conducting multiple high-pressure tests and opening at a lower pressure. The toe sleeve also eliminates the need for coiled tubing to be run to initiate circulation.

“This successful installation and operation of BigFoot was directly related to our careful attention to our customer’s needs,” PetroQuip President Bill Darnell said. “They asked us to design and build a toe sleeve that was more reliable and flexible than others in the industry, enabling them to test their systems as many times as they needed, for as long as they needed and at any pressure they required.”

Click here to download the case study for additional technical data and a pressure test chart.

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