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Petrobras strikes oil in the Potiguar Basin offshore Brazil

Petrobras has discovered an oil accumulation in the Potiguar Basin’s ultra-deep waters, in the Anhangá exploratory well. The Anhangá well is located on the coast between Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte, about 190 km from Fortaleza and 250 km from Natal, at a water depth of 2,196 m in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin.

This is the second discovery in the Potiguar Basin in 2024 and was preceded by proof of the presence of hydrocarbons in the Pitu Oeste Well, located 24 km from Anhangá. These discoveries still require further assessment. The new campaign was executed without any incidents.

In addition to its activities in the Brazilian Equatorial Margin, the company acquired new blocks in the Pelotas Basin in 2023, in southern Brazil, along with stakes in three exploration blocks in São Tomé and Príncipe, a country on the west coast of Africa.

The company intends to invest $7.5 billion in exploration by 2028, with $3.1 billion in the Equatorial Margin. Petrobras also plans to drill 50 new exploratory wells in that period, 16 of them in the Equatorial Margin region.

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