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Baker Hughes to supply completion systems for PetroChina field

PetroChina recently awarded Baker Hughes a contract to supply 77 multistage, open-hole fracture completion systems for horizontal wells in the tight-gas sands of the Changquing Field. The company was awarded a one-year contract based on the successful deployment of its Frac-Point technology in the Sulige gas field last year.

Characterized by low permeability, low pressure and low yields, reserve recovery from Changquing is technically complex – requiring innovations like multistage fracture completions to overcome geological challenges. Baker Hughes will implement the Frac-Point systems for three-quarters of the 102-well horizontal drilling program.

The Frac-Point system uses specially designed short-radius, open-hole packers and frac sleeves to isolate intervals of a horizontal section and pinpoint fracture treatment placement. The one-trip system allows the fracture treatments for each section to be pumped on the same day, which eliminates the expense of mobilizing and demobilizing pumping equipment.

Statoil launches technology plan to reduce carbon emissions from oil sands

Statoil has initiated a new technology plan to help reduce carbon emissions from oil sands. The goal is to reduce emissions by more than 40% by 2025.

The initial five-year phase will be the start-up and operation of a demonstration pilot facility. The plan will provide the basis for initial reductions of up to 25%, with further reductions of more than 40% by 2025.

The first phase of the oil sands project, the Leismer Demonstration Project, is on schedule and will start up later this year.

George Mitchell receives lifetime achievement award

Houston oilman George P Mitchell was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Gas Technology Institute on 16 June at the “Global Unconventional Gas 2010: Unlocking Your Potential” conference in Amsterdam.

He received the honor for pioneering hydraulic fracturing and drilling technologies that created a shale gas revolution. “It is my hope that my efforts will aid the search for new and unconventional energy that can be used by my grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” Mr Mitchell said. He holds a petroleum engineering degree from Texas A&M University and is founder of the Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.

KCA DEUTAG names head of business development for RDS

KCA DEUTAG’s engineering division, RDS, has announced Rodrigo Rendon as head of business development – engineering & major projects. Mr Rendon has over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He started his career as a field engineer for Schlumberger and continued thereafter performing lead technical and operations postings.  At RDS, he will be responsible for identifying and pursuing projects with drilling engineering and operations content.

Cudd picks executive VP to run international operations

Cudd Energy Services has appointed executive vice president Robert Talk to lead its international operations. He will also continue to oversee Cudd’s well control, engineering, consulting, well control training and tubular inspections divisions.

STEP Offshore to offer drilling fluid management solutions

Derrick Equipment Company has given STEP Offshore sole rights to sell Derrick’s solids control equipment and products in Europe, including capital equipment, shale shakers, etc, which will enable STEP Offshore to offer drilling fluid management solutions.

Petrofac offers well control training in Azerbaijan

Petrofac Training Services has launched IADC-approved well control training in Azerbaijan; it is the only commercial well control training facility in that country.

This introduction of well control training in Baku ensures accessibility by local drilling and well control companies in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The company’s approach enables delivery of training in English, Russian or Azerbaijani and can provide training at other locations depending on customers’ certification requirements.

For more information, visit www.petrofactraining.com.

Nautronix appoints Eads non-exec board member

Nautronix Group has appointed Rodney Eads as a non-executive board member. Mr Eads has 35 years of experience in the upstream energy business and is the first senior industry player to join the new Nautronix Board following the acquisition of Nautronix by SCF Partners on 8 April.

BJ Services gears up in Marcellus Shale fields

BJ Services is expanding its tubing and casing-running operations in the Marcellus Shale fields of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York.

Increased demand for casing and tubing running services in the region led to the opening of new bases to support tubular services operations, the company said.

The company launched its Marcellus Shale expansion program in West Virginia in August 2008.


Weatherford releases compact cross-dipole sonic tool

Weatherford International has launched its compact cross-dipole sonic (CXD) tool designed to deliver data that are used in seismic velocity models. It is the industry’s only 2.25-in. monopole/cross-dipole sonic tool that can be deployed with or without wireline to acquire compressional, shear-slowness and fast-shear azimuth. The profile and memory capability of the CXD provides the ability to acquire high-quality acoustic data in vertical to highly deviated wells with challenging hole conditions using the company’s Assure conveyance options. These conveyance options allow the CXD to be deployed via various methods including wireline, slickline, coiled tubing, thru-drill pipe, drop-off and well shuttle.

GE launches horizontal tree, integral control system

GE Oil & Gas launched the new Vetco-Gray DHXT deepwater horizontal tree and integral control system at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference on 3-6 May in Houston, Texas.

The DHXT is designed to operate in water depths up to 10,000 ft and at pressures up to 15,000 psi. The streamlined design reduces the standard industry horizontal tree footprint by 12% and weight by 10%, delivering significant installation, maintenance and cost benefits for operators. The D-Series includes the VetcoGray ModPod, a subsea control module that is powered by SemStar5.

AmKin Technologies introduces directional coiled-tubing tool

AmKin Technologies has unveiled its Coiled Tubing Front Orienting Tool Assembly for directional drilling with coiled tubing. The tool features a near-bit fixed bend located below a positive displacement power section. The orientation of the bend is controlled from surface and can be adjusted while drilling ahead, which allows for continuous operations while drilling vertical, curved or tangent sections with coiled tubing.

Schlumberger providing VSAT SeaConnect service

Schlumberger has launched its SeaConnect VSAT service for the offshore industry. It is a high-performance, dedicated and secure VSAT offering based on a fixed-fee, unlimited data access. Schlumberger has trialed the SeaConnect service for the last six months on a number of vessels operating in Southeast Asia.

SureTec provides fast, accurate leak detection

Innovative Pressure Testing has introduced SureTec, which provides leak analysis for the low- and high-pressure portions of a pressure test using thermally compensated leak detection technology. With the high-pressure analysis, a leak can be identified within two minutes. The technology can reduce rig downtime and increase system verification accuracy, and the entire testing sequence can be automated.

Cudd Energy Services receives patent for Rack Jack system

Cudd Energy Services has been awarded a patent for its Rack Jack system, an alternative to traditional derrick-based workover/drilling systems, both onshore and on platform and jackup rigs. It provides a hydraulic workover unit the ability to vertically rack multiple stands  (dual joints) of pipe in an integrated setback area of the work basket. Yielding trip speeds up to 1,500 ft/hr, the racking capability reduces trip time and increases efficiency.

The unit’s small footprint takes up less deck space than a traditional workover rig. When coupled with the Cudd skidding system, it can yield faster and farther inter-platform well changes, reduced well loading, higher wind tolerances and reduced dependence on the platform crane.

The Rack Jack is part of Cudd’s continuing effort to expand its CES Hydraulic Workover service line.

Atlas Copco automatic pipe loader designed for RD20

Atlas Copco has created an automatic pipe loader (APL) system for its RD20 mobile rotary drilling rig. The system can be used with a standard RD20 pipe, as well as other types of oilfield or external upset pipe ranging from 3 ½-in. OD to 13 3/8-in. OD. APL features its own hydraulic power unit that operates at a maximum capacity of 64 gal/min at 3,000 psi.

Thern makes compact stabbing board winch

Thern is offering a stabbing board winch with a small footprint that allows crews to mount the winch on a stabbing board, while the design provides for floor, ceiling or vertical mounting to minimize the amount of workspace occupied. Standard available winch options include various power and motor options, control packages, and pre-wound wire rope assemblies.

Hardbanding alloy reduces wear on casing, risers

Scoperta and Rankin Industries have developed a compact integrated microstructure (CIM-7) hardbanding alloy. It has a fine-grained microstructure composed of a tough, ductile matrix integrated with compact nano-scale particles that help to reduce wear in casing and marine risers and protect tool joints. It can prevent spalling, part wear and friction.

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