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Odfjell Technology helps Hunt Oil Company achieve European depth record for CWD

Odfjell Technology has enabled Hunt Oil Company of Romania to reach a European depth record for 20-in casing while drilling (CWD).

Hunt Oil set out to mitigate possible surface hole hazards like shallow gas, formations sensitive to swabbing, tight hole, loss of circulation and have the benefit of time saving for the surface section of its Macoveiu 3900 well, located in Buzau, Romania. CWD was selected as the solution to these challenges.

A cap was set on the maximum achievable working flow rate due to rig surface equipment limitations. This flow rate ceiling was lower than what was required for optimal operational performance, so this scenario required additional analysis of the drill bit performance, the wellbore hydraulics and hole cleaning. The existing 20 in casing by 24 in bit design was analyzed, optimized and validated for the expected conditions.

A CWD record-breaking depth of 798 m below rotary was recorded, alongside a range of other benefits.

By implementing Odfjell Technology’s CWD services, Hunt Oil reduced the number of runs required with a significant saving on time and cost thanks to the elimination of conventional bottom hole assembly handling and tripping times. Hunt Oil was able to achieve its drilling objectives on this 24 in section by using Odfjell Technology’s casing running tool (CRTi), torque turn computers, manual handling tools and hydraulic power tongs with high torque capacity and power packs.

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