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Maersk Training’s Houston simulation facility zeroes in on human factors, immersive training environment

Maersk Training opened its newest simulation facility in Houston on 19 November. The facility is the company’s 10th worldwide, and first in the United States. It houses crane simulators, a full bridge simulation, an engine room simulator, a management of major emergency simulator, a drilling simulator and an advanced downhole simulator. Human factors will be a major focus at the new facility, through both classroom instruction and simulation exercises. Watch the video to take a virtual tour of the new facility, and view interviews with Jacob Petz, Maersk Training Managing Director; Jeff Davis, Maersk Training Maritime Instruction Engineer; and Evelyn Baldwin, Maersk Training Human Factors instructor.

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  1. This is quite interesting. Do you have training here in Nigeria West Africa. Or do you have any other form of training here in Nigeria apart from this simulation stuff.

  2. We have a setup in Port Harcourt delivering well control and offshore crane training. Besides this we are able to send our instructors to clients locations and deliver various kinds of training.

    You are welcome to contact me on for more specific requests

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