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Maersk Drilling secures two contract extensions in North Sea

The Maersk Resolute has been awarded a 56-day contract extension by Petrogas to continue its work in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, where it has drilled multiple wells since commencing operations in June 2017. During the campaign, the Maersk Resolute has drilled the shallowest horizontal gas well in the A&B area. The extension brings the contract with Petrogas to a total of 106 days.

Additionally, the Maersk Resolve has been awarded a 21-day minimum contract extension by Wintershall Noordzee to continue its operation in a North Sea drilling campaign. This fourth contract extension covers work at the Ravn field in the Danish North Sea and brings the duration of the contract with Wintershall Noordzee to a total of 380 days since operations commenced at the end of June 2017. This means the contract will have covered work scopes for Wintershall Noordzee in the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark with the same rig.

“It is very rewarding to be able to successfully reactivate our rigs from warm stack in order to support our customers’ business by delivering safe and smart drilling operations, deploying rigs and crews with extensive experience in North Sea operations. We are especially pleased at the positive feedback our services have received from Wintershall Noordzee since this was a new customer relationship,” Morten Kelstrup, Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer of Maersk Drilling, said.

The Maersk Resolute and Maersk Resolve were warm-stacked in the port of Esbjerg, Denmark, before being reactivated in 2017 to commence operations in the North Sea. The rigs were delivered on time to the customer and have both had a rig uptime above 98% since commencing work.

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