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Maersk Drilling adds new contract for Maersk Deliverer in Southeast Asia

The Maersk Deliverer semisubmersible has been awarded a contract in Southeast Asia by Total E&P Malaysia. With an estimated duration of 60 days, the contract covers the drilling of one exploration well in the Block DW-N Sabah located offshore Malaysia. The rig will go to work for Total after completion of its previously announced contract with JX Nippon in Malaysia. The contract with JX Nippon is expected to commence during Q4 2017 and will have an estimated duration of 30 days.

The exploration well is placed at a water depth of 2,835 m, and the complexity of the well requires managed pressure drilling (MPD) and pressurized mud cap drilling (PMCD) capabilities.

“It is a great privilege to be able to once again serve Total E&P Malaysia and offer an efficient and safe drilling operation using our highly advanced deepwater semisub Maersk Deliverer. This is our third deepwater project for Total globally, and the contract further consolidates Maersk Drilling’s commitment to the region,” Michael Reimer Mortensen, Vice President, Head of Global Sales in Maersk Drilling, said.

Since April last year, the Maersk Deliverer had been warm-stacked in Namibia. The technical upgrade of the rig with an MPD system is in response to strong demand for such equipment from customers in the region and underlines Maersk Drilling’s commitment to offer the most capable and advanced rigs. The reactivation of the rig has commenced, with the main work scopes being carried out during its voyage to Malaysia. The Maersk Deliverer is the fifth rig that Maersk Drilling has successfully reactivated from warm stacking within the past eight months.

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