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Kosmos Energy encounters additional hydrocarbons offshore Mauritania

Kosmos Energy announced that the Tortue-1 exploration well in Block C8 offshore Mauritania has encountered additional hydrocarbons while drilling to total depth to evaluate the deeper Albian stratigraphy.

Based on the preliminary analysis of drilling results, Tortue-1 has intersected approximately 10 m (32 ft) of net hydrocarbon pay in the lower Albian section, which is currently interpreted to be gas. This is in addition to the previously announced 107 m (351 ft) of net pay encountered in the Cenomanian, which was the primary objective. The well was drilled beyond the primary objective to obtain deeper stratigraphic information and enable seismic calibration of the Albian, which will be tested in subsequent wells. Down to total depth drilled, no water was encountered in the well.

“We are encouraged by the presence of additional hydrocarbons in the deeper portion of the well,” Brian F. Maxted, Chief Exploration Officer, said. “This suggests we have a working hydrocarbon system in both the Albian and Cenomanian sequences. While the Albian was not the primary objective of the Tortue-1 well, the presence of additional hydrocarbons in the Albian further de-risks other prospects in the Greater Tortue Complex which include primary reservoir targets in both the Albian and underlying Aptian.”

Located approximately 285 km southwest of Nouakchott in 2,700 m of water, and drilled with the Atwood Achiever drillship, the Tortue-1 well was drilled at a total cost of approximately $125 million to a total depth of approximately 5,100 m. The Tortue discovery area has also been renamed Ahmeyim.

Kosmos currently owns a 90% interest in the Ahmeyim discovery, along with Société Mauritanienne Des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier at 10%. Since 2012, Kosmos has held rights to conduct exploration in the C8, C12 and C13 contract areas under production sharing contracts with the Government of Mauritania. In March 2015, Chevron Mauritania Exploration, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, acquired a 30% non-operated interest in the C8, C12 and C13 contract areas under production sharing contracts. Chevron has an option to elect to participate at a 30% interest in Ahmeyim, subject to Chevron paying a disproportionate share of their costs related to the Tortue-1 exploration well. The blocks are contiguous, range in water depth between 1,000 m and 3,000 m, and have combined acreage of approximately 27,000 sq km.

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