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HARC proposes JIP to evaluate dual-fuel technologies

Drilling contractors have shown increasing interest in utilizing dual-fuel engines, which run on a combination of diesel and natural gas, to power their rigs. This interest has led to questions about their performance and fuel consumption. The Houston Advanced Research Center’s (HARC) Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program is working to build a data science-based model to answer them, Carolyn LaFleur, HARC Research Scientist, explained at the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee Q2 Technology Forum in Houston on 13 June. HARC has proposed a JIP to assist in the development of the model. In this video, she explains the intrinsically safe instrumentation system, or I-Box, that HARC developed to measure the performance of dual-fuel engines and how it will integrate with the model. She also discusses the timeline for the proposed JIP, as well as how companies can contribute.

To get involved with the JIP, contact Carolyn LaFleur at clafleur@harcresearch.org.

Click here to learn more about the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program and its work.

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