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Halliburton unveils BaraOmni hybrid separation system

Halliburton has announced its BaraOmni hybrid separation system, a next-level separation technology that effectively removes ultra-fine low gravity solids (LGS), which it said results in better performing, longer lasting fluid systems to help operators significantly reduce costs.

As drilling fluids are used, ultra-fine LGS accumulate and can negatively impact operational performance. Operators currently use dilution to address this issue, which results in excessive fluid volumes and costs. The hybrid separation system features advanced capabilities to remove ultra-fine LGS, which was not previously possible. This eliminates the need for dilution and improves the operator’s ability to recover drilling fluids so they can drill more wells with less fluid volume.

Additionally, BaraOmni advanced separation technology allows drilling fluids, contaminated solids and other hydrocarbon waste streams to be treated with a single system. It replaces traditional complex solids control and waste management equipment set-ups. As a result, the operator can minimize waste transportation, off-site treatment and storage to reduce environmental exposure and total cost of ownership.

“We developed the hybrid separation system to improve the solids control and separation market with a compact and mobile system that can separate ultra-fine LGS and treat multiple waste streams at the rig site,” said Bradley Brown, Vice President of Halliburton Baroid. “This is part of our larger focus on engineering fluid and separation solutions together to help our customers mitigate potential operational issues and reduce overall costs.”

In west Texas, the system was successfully operational within 24 hours of mobilization and was used to treat ultra-fine solids laden, non-aqueous drilling fluid. In this application, the technology reduced solids from a 24% concentration LGS to a final concentration of 3% LGS. The result was a field-ready, premix fluid that was readily blended into a high performance drilling fluid. This hybrid separation process is an industry step-change in ultra-fine solids removal and cuttings treatment.

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