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New MWD/LWD service rated to 392°F, 25,000 psi sets records in Haynesville

A newly launched MWD/LWD service capable of operating in harsh environments up to 392°F and 25,000 psi recently set records in the Haynesville Shale, Sperry Drilling announced. An operator drilling a long horizontal interval in the Haynesville, an area known for high reservoir temperatures, deployed the Quasar Pulse Service. With temperatures reaching as high as 363°F, the well was completed  with a total depth of 22,595 ft and a total vertical section of 10,072 ft, both field records.

The operator saved an estimated $209,000 by not staging tools into the well and avoiding a potential trip for failure. Additionally, the reservoir interval was nearly twice as long as typical wells in the area, providing  higher production and potentially reducing the number of wells needed to develop the field, according to Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business line.

The new MWD/LWD service includes 4 3/4- and 6 3/4-in. size tools, allowing it to perform in wellbores up to 9 7/8 in. in diameter. It can deliver directional, gamma ray, PWD and vibration data to enable precise wellbore placement in high-temperature and high-pressure zones. The service allows access to reserves that conventional tools cannot reach and can eliminate the need for mud chillers and “staging” to cool down tools.

“Operating in harsh environments requires collecting reliable data to reduce drilling risks and optimize production. Quasar Pulse Service is the first M/LWD commercial service to include sensors that have the highest temperature and pressure ratings currently on the market,”  Ahmed Kenawi, Vice President of Sperry Drilling, said.

The service has been tested extensively in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and unconventional fields in North America.

Quasar Pulse Service is a registered trademark of Halliburton

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