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Halliburton launches lost circulation cementing solution

Halliburton has added the SentinelCem Pro cement system to its lost circulation solutions portfolio. The single-sack packaging enables proactive storage in offshore and remote locations.

SentinelCem Pro cement, built upon its predecessor, simplifies mixing operations as it eliminates the need for pre-hydration of the slurry design and access to high-purity water sources. This feature facilitates more efficient rig operations with the option to directly mix the system on the fly or in a batch mixer.

“Lost circulation is the main contributor to costly nonproductive time (NPT) in well construction. SentinelCem Pro cement safely pumps through the bottom-hole-assembly to help customers quickly address lost circulation events and reduce NPT,” said Matt Lang, VP of Cementing, Halliburton.

The thixotropic nature of SentinelCem Pro cement allows the system to stay fluid while pumped into lost-circulation zones and to rapidly gel when pumping stops. This feature enables the system to penetrate deep into fractures and vugular formations to mitigate costly drilling fluid loss to the formation. The system’s early compressive strength development enables a quick return to drilling operations.

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