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Halliburton installs 12-zone intelligent completion in single well

Halliburton successfully installed a 12-zone intelligent completion for an operator in the Middle East. This installation doubles the number of zones Halliburton had previously completed in a single well.

The 12-zone SmartWell system completion included 12 SmartPlex electro-hydraulic interval control valves (ICVs), distributed fiber-optic sensing from hanger to toe, and DataSphere Opsis downhole pressure and temperature gauges at the heel and toe. This extended-reach completion had more than 10,000 ft of 6 5/8-in. lateral section (total measured depth 21,555 ft).

The completion was delivered as designed, with no reported incidents or HSE events. Following installation, the team also verified the ICVs, monitoring and fiber-optic devices continue to function properly.

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