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ProSep wins two contracts for Annular Injection Mixer

Two projects to be delivered to US-based clients have been awarded to ProSep totaling nearly $2 million.

One of the projects marks the 10th installation of Prosep’s high-efficiency Annular Injection Mixer (AIM). Consigned for an LNG facility in South Texas, ProSep will manufacture three identical AIM units, one for each of the three trains at the facility, with anticipated delivery in early Q2 next year. The units inject LPG into the methane feed gas of the LNG facility to remove contaminants.

Under the second contract, ProSep will deliver two de-liquidizers – one high-pressure and one low-pressure. Both are set for delivery before the end of 2024.

“Each project has its own needs and will rely on different aspects of our portfolio of technologies but highlights that we are in an optimal position to service diverse operational needs,” said Prosep Director of Sales and Operations Raul Gonzalo.

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