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Halliburton awarded license for gravel-pack completions

Halliburton has announced that it was awarded an international license for ExxonMobil’s patented Non-Aqueous Fluid Gravel Packing (NAFPac) technique for gravel pack completions.

Hole stability and shale inhibition are keys to successful installation of open-hole completions. Non-aqueous fluid (NAF) is often selected to optimize the drilling process, but hole stability issues can occur when displacement to brine is done prior to screen running operations.

The NAFPac process is a gravel-packing technique that enables an operator to run the gravel-pack screens in NAF, gravel pack the well and then displace the casing to completion brine, all in a single trip. Running the screens in NAF significantly increases the probability of successful screen installation and a complete gravel pack.

“As the global completions leader, Halliburton is pleased to collaborate with ExxonMobil to expand the use of the NAFPac solution to our customer base to help them maximize asset value,” Mark Dawson, Vice President of Completion Tools for Halliburton, said. “This field-proven technique further enhances our leading sand control portfolio.”

“The NAFPac technique has consistently delivered reliable, cost-effective and highly productive completions in more than 150 applications across our global portfolio,” Tristan Aspray, Vice President of ExxonMobil Upstream Research and Technology Development, said. “ExxonMobil continues to pioneer completion technologies that increase reliability and reduce the overall cost of well work. NAFPac ensures successful sand screen installation and reliable gravel packing.”

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