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Equinor discovery in North Sea could potentially start production in 2023

Equinor has made a commercially viable gas discovery by the Gina Krog field in the North Sea. While the discovery is small, the operator said gas production can start as early as this year.

The recoverable volumes are estimated to be between 5-16 million BOE. The well was drilled by the Noble Lloyd Noble jackup, which was purchased by Shelf Drilling to be renamed Shelf Drilling Barsk. Equinor is the operator with KUFPEC and PGNiG as partners.

The discovery is considered commercially viable, partly because it can make use of existing infrastructure by the Gina Krog platform. The well has been drilled as a development well with exploration target, and the plan is to put the well into production during Q4 2023.

Preparations have already been carried out on Gina Krog so that the well can quickly start production.

“The discovery will help extend the lifetime and strengthen the profitability of Gina Krog and is important for the entire Sleipner area. It will quickly bring new gas to Europe with good profitability and low CO2 emissions from production. Gina Krog is already electrified and has spare capacity. This shows how important it is to explore in mature areas on the Norwegian continental shelf,” said Camilla Salthe, Senior VP for Field Life Extension at Equinor.

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