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Enventure announces first commercial SameDrift System installation

Enventure Global Technology recently announced the first successful commercial installation of its 12 ¼-in. SameDrift System. The system was installed for an operator in the Middle East.

“This marks a major milestone for expandable monodiameter technology and heralds a period of significant market growth for solid expandable technology and Enventure,” said Alastair McClean, President & CEO. “SameDrift technology promises to provide a simple and reliable solution for operators who are increasingly more focused on reducing nonproductive time during drilling operations and on assuring asset integrity during the life of the well to maximize hydrocarbon production. SameDrift provides a combination of short-term benefits by dealing with problematic zones during the well construction phase, along with long-term benefits of asset integrity by delaying or eliminating workovers.”

SameDrift is a drilling liner with an industry standard drift diameter that matches the previous casing string run in a well so that it can be easily incorporated into the well’s standard casing design. It builds on the capabilities of Enventure’s ESET product line to rotate and reciprocate the liner to help work it to setting depth and to improve cement job quality. It expands solid steel tubulars using their proprietary CLEAR cone design, which is built and collapsed on demand downhole.

The SameDrift Openhole Liner system ties back to casing without the loss of internal diameter, providing a continuous drift. The SameDrift Openhole Clad system isolates a trouble zone in the well without tying back into existing casing and provides the same drift below the previous casing. After the installation of the 12 ¼-in. drift open hole clad beneath 13 ⅜-in. casing, the operator drilled the 12 ¼-in. directional BHA to TD, and completed several round trips through the clad before successfully setting and cementing the 9 ⅝-in. casing.

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