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Eni makes new discovery offshore Mexico

Eni announced a new discovery on the Yatzil exploration prospect in Block 7, located in the Sureste Basin, offshore Mexico. According to preliminary estimates, the new finding may contain around 200 million bbls of oil in place.

Yatzil-1 EXP is the second commitment well of Block 7 and the eighth successful one drilled by Eni in the Sureste Basin. It is located approximately 65 km off the coast and 25-30 km away from other discoveries. The well was drilled by the Valaris DPS5 semi in a water depth of 284 m and reached a total depth of 2,441 m. Yatzil-1 EXP found in excess of 40 m of net pay sands with good-quality oil in the Upper Miocene sequences with excellent petrophysical properties confirmed by an extensive subsurface data collection.

The successful result comes after the Saasken and Sayulita discoveries in Block 10 and confirms the value of Eni’s Mexican asset portfolio, contributing to the potential synergic cluster development of several prospects located nearby.

The Block 7 Joint Venture is composed by Eni, which is the operator with a 45% stake, Capricorn (30%) and Citla Energy (25%).

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