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Data Gumbo launches industry-grade smart contract marketplace

Data Gumbo, an industrial smart contract network company, announced the launch of GumboStore, the first industry-grade smart contract marketplace. GumboStore enables companies to reate, deploy, publish or license intuitive smart contract templates to eliminate transactional and informational friction in commercial relationships.

“GumboStore makes smart contracts accessible to companies wanting to streamline operations and automate contractual relationships without having to code,” said Andrew Bruce, Founder and CEO, Data Gumbo. “The marketplace contains numerous open-source templates and other smart contracts published by leading blockchain and industrial organizations. By enhancing GumboNet’s smart contract network with a marketplace, businesses gain access to pre-built, intuitive smart contracts that can be deployed immediately, resulting in significant cost and time savings.”

Access to GumboStore requires a subscription to Data Gumbo’s global, enterprise smart contract network, GumboNet. Industrial companies on the network can access pre-integrated data sources configured by Data Gumbo, existing templates in the marketplace and the ability to publish smart contracts to create new revenue streams. GumboStore enables companies to implement blockchain-powered smart contracts to free up working capital and currently includes an array of smart contracts built for industrial use cases such as:

  • Commodity haulage
  • Offshore day-rate drilling
  • Integrated drilling services
  • Last-mile haulage
  • Chemical transport delivery
  • Production chemicals
  • Water haulage
  • Field rentals
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Additive manufacturing

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