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Coretrax reaches landmark in North Sea with bridge plug deployment

Coretrax successfully deployed its 1,000th CX-2 bridge plug during a project in the North Sea.

The CX-2 permanent cast iron bridge plug is constructed of drillable materials and features a built-in setting mechanism. It is set with both hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull and has an innovative release system, with a slim outer diameter and a large inner diameter. This allows cementing operations to be completed as part of the one-trip system while minimizing cement disturbance, ultimately eliminating the need for a dedicated cementing trip and further reducing rig time. It is proven to save an average of three hours per run.

With the UK North Sea Transition Authority estimating a £40 billion spend on decommissioning in the North Sea in the next decade, the technology is actively supporting cost reductions for the sector.

“Coretrax has a long history and proven track record in the UK Continental Shelf, so it is fitting that we achieved this milestone deployment in the North Sea. Our CX-2 bridge plug is a staple in our portfolio and has built an unrivaled reputation for delivering cost and time efficiencies in P&A operations,” said John Fraser, Coretrax CEO.

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