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Core Lab and Halliburton join forces to find faster digital rock data solutions

Halliburton and Core Laboratories will undertake a strategic collaboration in the US to compress the delivery time of comprehensive digital rock data solutions from months to weeks, even while full petrophysical laboratory measurements are in progress.

The collaboration facilitates the integration of digital rock characterization at a nano, micro and macro level, which will enable US clients to run pore-scale simulations in parallel with physical laboratory experiments. These enhancements will drive the accuracy and innovation of new and existing digital rock characterization workflows.

“Digital rock simulations empower petrophysicists, engineers, and geologists to dynamically evaluate reservoir characterization models while they await the completion of traditional lab measurements, which often takes months,” said Chris Tevis, VP of Wireline and Perforating at Halliburton. “Our collaboration with Core Laboratories will empower reservoir characterization experts to gain critical insights into their assets much earlier in the assessment process, significantly reducing inherent risks and uncertainties.”

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