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CNOOC strikes oil in Bohai Sea

CNOOC has made a major oilfield discovery of Qinhuangdao 27-3 in the Bohai Sea, adding over 100 million tons of oil equivalent proved in-place volume.

The Qinhuangdao 27-3 oilfield is located in the north-central waters of the Bohai Sea, with an average water depth of approximately 25 m. The main oil-bearing play is the Minghuazhen Formation of Neogene, and the oil property is medium-heavy crude.

The discovery well QHD27-3-3 was drilled and completed at a depth of 1,570 m, which encountered a total of 48.9 m oil pay zones. The field has been tested to produce approximately 742 barrels of crude oil per day from a single well. Through continued exploration, the proved in-place volume of Qinhuangdao 27-3 oilfield has reached 104 million tons of oil equivalent.

“Qinhuangdao 27-3 oilfield is another major discovery with proved-in-place volume over 100 million tons that we made in the north-central Bohai Sea in a decade. The successful discovery of the oilfield further demonstrates the oil and gas exploration potential in the complicated strike-slip fault zones of the Bohai Sea,” said Xu Changgui, Deputy Chief Exploration Officer of CNOOC.

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