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AIQ, ADNOC, SLB launch AI solution for upstream field development

ADNOC, AIQ and SLB released a new AI solution for reservoir analysis and field development at the 2023 ADIPEC. The Advanced Reservoir 360 (AR360) system drives optimization within upstream exploration and operations, enabling greater efficiency and reducing operational energy use and emissions.

The technology is a reservoir visualization and performance application that incorporates all subsurface data into a single integrated system, using AI and automation to optimize the field development plan (FDP). Through its optimization of the FDP, the system enables users to minimize emissions by finding the right balance between drilling new wells, boosting the performance of existing wells and optimizing injection and production parameters.

It has been developed through deployment in a series of ADNOC’s upstream operations. When performing complete reservoir model reviews AR360 boosted engineers’ productivity by 75%, while also ensuring model quality and predictability. The application has led to improved well performance and extended the lifetime of wells. Additionally, it has improved reservoir understanding, boosted production forecast guidance and optimized drilling expenses.

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