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3t expands blended learning with AI-based micro-learning, gamification

3t Transform has partnered with Trivie, a workforce learning software innovator, to bolster its blended learning offering with AI-based micro-learning and gamification.

The integrated offering is now available to 3t Transform clients under the name of Knowledge Coach. 3t Transform has integrated Trivie’s AI-based learning technology to extend its blended learning solutions to its customers alongside its e-learning content and virtual reality training. The partnership will help deliver gamified micro-learning that can increase knowledge retention and overall learning impact.

Knowledge Coach will also deliver real-time insights and analytics into training gaps and risks to help ensure employee competence and compliance on any topic. Safety-critical industries, such as oil and gas, nuclear, construction and utilities, place a high priority on competence and continuing education. Companies that use Knowledge Coach will be able to demonstrate the real-time competency of employees, which can lead to significant safety risk mitigation. An additional benefit is its ability to be used from any device, offering users a more convenient way to learn.

“Based upon our experience and documented results in the oil and gas, automotive and medical industries, we believe that partnering with 3t Transform and its clients with Knowledge Coach will be a valuable conduit to positive and measurable learning outcomes,” said Lawrence Schwartz, CEO of Trivie.

Grant Crow, Managing Director at 3t Transform, added: “Partnering with Trivie, we’re achieving something that’s not often easy to do; making learning more enjoyable and engaging as well as delivering data that can make a real difference to organizations. The right competencies can ensure efficient and safe methods of working for employees. However, those managing competency don’t always have a clear view of their workforce. With Knowledge Coach we’re able to offer them this data and provide a way in which they can, once identified, include learning content that resolves this.

“So what you have is a front end of quizzes, competition and leader boards which utilize gamification and its benefits. Combined with a back-end ecosystem of scientific algorithms which produce granular information and insights on performance to understand knowledge levels. It’s these algorithms that show to what extent people retain and engage with information on an individual level and learn which can stop the knowledge fade.”

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