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Weatherford introduces AI-enabled automated connection integrity

Weatherford has introduced Vero automated connection integrity, which applies artificial intelligence to minimize safety risks and validate well integrity with absolute certainty.

In applications ranging from conventional land to complex deepwater, the Vero solution provides operators with previously unobtainable consistency and accuracy. The solution employs two new proprietary features: AutoMakeup technology, which precisely controls the makeup of tubular connections automatically, and AutoEvaluate software, which continually assesses torque against original equipment manufacturer specifications.

By applying artificial intelligence at every stage, from pipe manufacturing to well installation, the Vero solution removes the uncertainty of human judgment from the connection process. In doing so, the solution can minimize the chance of catastrophic well failures associated with poorly made up connections, as well as significantly reduce the total cost of well ownership, minimize safety risks, and protect corporate reputation.

“The world-first Vero solution is enabled by the most disruptive technology ever introduced in the tubular-running space,” Dean Bell, President of Well Construction for Weatherford, said. “By replacing the inherent flaws of human judgment with AutoMakeup and AutoEvaluate technologies, Vero goes beyond tubular running. We expect it to minimize the associated risks, both onshore and offshore, and help our customers to consistently and reliably build wells that last a lifetime.”

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