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Weatherford integrates CFS, MPD to improve wellbore pressure control

While the drilling industry is increasing its uptake of managed pressure drilling (MPD), another technology – continuous flow systems (CFS) – is also proving useful in managing wellbore pressure. MPD is an adaptive process that enables precise control of the wellbore’s annular pressure profile. CFS, on the other hand, manages wellbore pressure through continuous fluid circulation while making and breaking drill pipe stands. In this video from the 2015 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference, Justin Cunningham, Global Product Line Manager for Continuous Flow Systems at Weatherford, talks about how the two processes can coexist in a drilling operation. “The two systems really have a lot of synergy together and really play off each other’s strong suits,” Mr Cunningham said. Watch the video for more details.

SPE/IADC 173155, “CFS v. MPD– Revolutionary Technology to Outshine Industry Leader?” is available through OnePetro.

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